deSEC DNS Platform

We believe that secure infrastructure is a core need of the Internet. Corresponding technologies should be accessible without barries. That is why we run security-focused infrastructure for the common good.

We run secure infrastructure for everyone

Secure DNS Platform

Protocol development has a long-term impact. To make a difference now, we decided to back deSEC, a Berlin-based non-profit. deSEC runs a free, security-first managed DNS hosting service, with DNSSEC automatically enabled. We are strongly aligned with deSEC's mission, and are glad to provide this project with funds, expertise, and technical infrastructure in multiple datacenters across the globe. Our support allows deSEC to handle thousands of DNS queries per second, anywhere.

deSEC Global Anycast Networks

Global distribution of frontend servers ensures quick answers to queries, regardless of the user’s location on the globe. You can support deSEC by adopting frontend server to help cover the cost or adding a frontend server in a corner of the world where there is no frontend yet.

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Dr. Peter Thomassen
Senior Solutions Architect
Peter is passionate about creating security solutions for both individual enterprises and the Internet infrastructure in general. He has significant experience in designing Internet protocols and software systems.