Engineering & Contributions

As a contrast to the daily business, our team dedicates one day a week to individual training, research or own projects in the context of IT security. This has resulted in exciting open source projects that contribute to a more secure digital environment.

Our contributions

DNS SecuritydeSEC e.V.

We are dedicated to enhancing the security of online data transmission, by spreading the seamless use of state-of-the-art encryption technology. This is best achieved by pursuing a dual approach: advancing global standardization of security protocols, while running security-focused infrastructure for the common good.


The open source tool Connaisseur allows you to verify the signatures of container images before deployment to a Kubernetes cluster. It ensures integrity and provenance of container images in a Kubernetes cluster.

Building on the deSEC DNS Platform, we operate the Public Suffix List DNS Query Service. It allows retrieving ad-hoc information from the Public Suffix List (PSL).

At SSE, we see the urgent need for trustworthy and reliable information about Android devices’ security specifications. For this reason, we actively support the Android Device Security Database (ADSDB), a transparent, non-profit database of Android device security attributes and metrics.