Digital Identities for the Public Sector: Introduction into Regulatory Requirements and Best Practices with a Focus on Privacy and Security

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In this introductory talk, aiming at (security) architects and engineers, participants will gain important insight into designing and implementing identity solutions in regulated domains (e.g eIDAS, ISO 18013-5, German eGov domain).

Target Audience

  • Product Managers
  • System (Security) Architects and Engineers


Digital identities play an increasingly important role, replacing physical identity documents in both public and commercial domains. Especially in the public domain (e.g eGovernment or eHealth), digital identity solutions have to fulfill a variety of regulatory requirements to ensure compatibility, security and privacy aspects.

In this talk, we will provide a technical introduction into regulatory requirements (e.g eIDAS regulation, ISO 18013-5, BSI Technical Guidelines) relevant for your future digital identity solution. Together with our experts, you will identify potential challenges and develop suitable solution strategies with a focus on privacy and security.

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Tim Ohlendorf
Senior Security Manager
Tim Ohlendorf is part of our Defense Security Team. He is a distinguished expert in the field of mobile device security and digital identity solutions with experience in commercial and public projects.