Cryptography for Software Engineers

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Cryptography for Software Engineers is for IT professionals whose needs for dealing with cryptography exceeds using https for their webserver. The talk will focus mainly on symmetric cryptography and highlight common pitfalls along a practical example project.

Target Audience

  • System (Security) Architects
  • Engineers


The talk will focus on the cryptographic primitives most often misused when designing and implementing software systems. Mainly, it will explain in details what is usually meant when we "want encryption".

Along a practical example project, we will explore common pitfalls that afflict symmetric encryption in practice. Having created an understanding of what we want to achieve, we will recommend concrete algorithms and highlight their advantages and disadvantages. Afterwards, we will also spend a short amount of time in how to integrate this in hybrid schemes and mention other common cryptographic primitives that developers may encounter regularly.

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Teetje Stark
Security Expert
Teetje is a Security Expert at SSE. He is part of our Defensive Security Team. As such he helps create secure applications both in design and implementation phase. His specializes in and is passionate about cryptography.