IT Security in a nutshell! - How does it work and why you should care

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How does IT Security actually work? What are the economics of it? How are cyber attacks executed and by whom? And what is the big deal of a small phishing email anyways? An awareness talk to better embrace IT security and understand that all of us are responsible for it.

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The talk is specifically aimed at a broad audience and does not require any prior knowledge.


The talk gives an entertaining introduction to IT security, its goals and basic conceps. It provides an impression of the professionalization of attackers and potential impact on a company to visualize the scale of related threats and understand their relevance for a company. By diving into attack vectors and paths, the audience realizes how a small phishing email can cause a major breach and that IT security cannot be delegated to "The Security Team". Recent statistics give an impression of the prevalence of the problem. Peppered with real stories of major cyber attacks, this awareness talk explains how attackers and defenders work and why we should all care.

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Dr. Christoph Hamsen
Senior Security Manager
Christoph is part of our Defensive Security Team supporting our clients to design, build and operate secure solutions.