Breaking Active Directory

Min. Attendees
Max. Attendees
3 days
Laptop, Installed Hypervisor (VirtualBox/VMware)


Explore the insights of attacking an Active Directory environment, learn common attack paths and dive into the position of an attacker exploiting and laterally moving in a realistic environment. Throughout a 3-day course the participants will be guided from exploring a typical environment to take full control of the network with persistent access.

Targeted Audience

This training is made for IT-Security professionals, who would like to take the seat of an attacker to exploit an Active Directory environment. There are no hard-bound knowledge requirements to take this course, however the following experiences are helpful:

  • Basic experience with typical Windows and Active Directory environments
  • Basic knowledge of core Windows technologies and terms, such as the Kerberos and NTLM authentication protocols
  • Basic knowledge of Unix Systems
  • Experience with common enumeration and exploitation techniques


This training is set up as a 3-day course in which the participants will explore and exploit a realistic Active Directory environment. This course aims to achieve the following learning objectives:

  • Learn and strengthen knowledge about basic Active Directory terminology, components and protocols.
  • Exploring weaknesses and attack paths
  • Analysis and development of exploits and design weaknesses
  • Practical, hands-on experience in exploring, exploiting and movement within an Active Directory environment

Day 1:

  • Welcome round, training course overview and setup
  • Mapping of the target environment
  • Identification of weaknesses and planning of initial access
  • Gaining initial foothold
  • Enumerating the target, shaping of privilege escalation plans
  • Escalating to local admin

Day 2:

  • Wrap-Up of Day 1, Revisiting goals and attack paths
  • Enumerating the network
  • Identification of weaknesses and planning of lateral movement
  • Lateral movement and credential harvesting
  • Unravelling and mapping of the Active Directory environment
  • Enumerating weaknesses in key components
  • Escalating privileges

Day 3:

  • Wrap-Up of Day 2, Revisiting goals and attack paths
  • Chaining attacks and privileges to exploit high value targets
  • Gaining access to core components
  • Becoming Enterprise Admin
  • Review and detailed analysis of key weaknesses
  • Wrap-Up and closing

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